Miscarried At 22 Weeks, Identical Twins Are Sharing The Truth About Abortion!!


With a lot of countries legalizing abortion, there is always a question we need to ask ourselves. Is abortion justified? Is it criminal? If not, why does it prick the conscience of all those who have done it? Is it an act of injustice done to the purest of our race, the innocent?
While in most countries the debate has been going on for decades, some countries have legalized abortion if the fetus is less than 24-weeks. We already know the process of gestation well enough, but what this mother of 22-week identical twins has to say when she had a miscarriage will leave a lasting impression on all and hopefully stand as a testimony for anti-abortion campaigns.
Already parents of a child, Carlson, Heather Ellis and Josh had since struggled to conceive. After a bout of treatments and a dose of fertility pills, this couple was ecstatic to learn that they were going to parent a set of identical twins. Sadly, the thrill of this expecting couple was cut short around the 18th week. Ellis started feeling there was something unusual, and though the doctor assured her that it was all okay, she had a gut feeling that her pregnancy had gone seriously wrong. Disregarding the first consultation, the couple took a second opinion only to find out that Ellis had an incompetent uterus and that the baby boys, just in their 22nd week were ready to be delivered.
New born 5
The first option given to Ellis by the doctors was abortion, but for the couple that was never an option. The other option was surgery— an emergency or rescue cerclage in which the cervix is stitched closed. The process was risky; as the mother could contract an infection which would eventually affect the unborn twins. Despite the risk involved, Ellis wanted to save them and decided to go ahead with it. 48-hours later, her water broke and she was rushed to hospital. Though Ellis insisted that she have her cerclage in again, doctors refused as the infection spread and they had no choice but to deliver the pre-mature babies.
The couple named the boys Chase and Cooper. They survived for half an hour outside the womb before becoming angels in the sky. Distraught but determined to share her story, Ellis wrote this while she posted a picture of them. As soon as the post was published it was shared 81,000 times and they had received 300 messages of support and condolences. Ellis then said, “Originally I was just doing it to bring people’s awareness to what babies look like that young, and with the abortions and everything that’s going on with Planned Parenthood it’s just made me so upset.” She added, “I just want people to know that there are other options out there and there’s a place to share their grief. It’s okay to talk about it. People are so afraid that people aren’t going to want to hear about their baby who passed away. People do just want to share their story because that’s their child. Most people have never shared their pictures or told their stories.”
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Over the next few days, Ellis posted experiences of other mothers on her blog in a bid to raise awareness against the option of abortion and after the overwhelming response her blog received, she said this, “A few people who were pro-choice told me this made me think and said thank you and some who have had abortions said they regret it every day and that the picture made them cry because they feel so much guilt.”
This is what Ellis posted along with the pictures of her pre-mature babies:
“With all this talk of abortion right now, I want people to know that this is what a 22 week old child looks like. This was just minutes after my twins passed away after living and breathing for about 30 minutes last November (Chase, the one on the right, looks different because he was in the sac without amniotic fluid for a couple days). It is legal to abort children at this age in way too many places. While I was holding my babies, wishing they would survive, babies at the same gestation that could have survived are being torn apart and discarded. It makes my heart sad. There are so many better options (adoption being my personal favorite). These are precious children of God. I love you Chase and Cooper, and I hope someone will see this and reconsider their choice.”
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