Motorbike Riding At Its Best. AMAZING!!!

Automobiles Stunts Talent

Remember the fable of how Jesus could walk on water and it marveled the whole world! Well, we have found someone who can do such wonders with his motorbike! Some people are calling him a ‘motorcycle Jesus’ and some are calling him ‘motorcycle genius’, call this guy by whichever name, he has proved his mettle and shown to the world that with skill and courage you can change the dynamics of a system. Riding a motorbike in itself is risky as maintaining balance on it makes one’s mind and body very vigil and cautious. People who take part in motorcycle races or stunts are already the brave ones but this ‘Stunter 13’, who was awarded the 1st place in the Stunt Grand Prix 2013, has defied even the laws of motorbike stunts and created his own style. The video is a four minute capture of ‘Stunter 13’s’ incredible talent, which is quite apparently amazing the audience. Just when he is shown the go sign, he takes over the show by swaying the bike, with bold and elaborate wheelies, by doing gymnastics on the running bike, throwing his legs in the air, by doing headstands and by turning backwards and riding the bike with his back facing the front fork. There is so much energy and adrenaline rush in his performance, the excitement is almost infectious. He ends his performance by putting his bike aside and doing cart wheels on the ground, all of which is heavily applauded by the audience.

Some might disagree, but it's still pretty Awesome & he is the World's best motorcycle stunt rider.


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