Now That NEEDS To Be Made Mandatory For Every Backyard! This Is Way Beyond Cool…It’s Hypnotic!

Creativity Technology

Remember when a kid you would race to the playground during the monsoons to swing in the rain? How exhilarating was the feeling of swinging up higher and higher in the evening breeze as the cool showers drenched you? Want to recreate that feeling?

The Waterfall Swing helps to recreate that childhood memory, but with a convenient adulthood twist. You can relive the feeling of swinging in the rain without actually getting wet! The swing is equipped with a special technology which enables water to re-circulate through the solenoid valves at the top of the structure to create a wall of water.

A sensor system monitors the swinger’s angle and speed and creates a hole in the wall of water to let the swinger swing through without getting wet. How awesome is this! Don’t you want one in your own backyard?

When the days get too hot to go out, this is the best way to play outside and stay cool!


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