Her Parents And Doctors Were Ready To Give Up…But Her Brother Wanted To Sing A Song.. I Was Left Crying!


Stories are a part and parcel of life. We are told stories when we are kids to lull us to sleep; when young we weave our own stories and many are knit when we friends sit and chat for long hours. We also hear stories of others in our day-to-day life; while some of those tickle us, others inspire us to take up challenges, but there are some which leaves us speechless. Recently I came across one such story that touched me to the core, and tears that rolled down said it all, even though words fell short.

Karen was expecting a baby and she took utmost care to keep her safe within herself. Her three year old son, Michael, was even more excited to welcome his new mate into the world. He was always busy in helping his mother with all that the little one was capable of. While they were awaiting the child’s arrival into the family, little Michael was busy building a rapport with his sibling. He talked to the baby and even sang songs to his mom’s baby bump. Months’ wait came to an end when finally the baby was born. Everyone in the family were ecstatic; Michael finally had a new companion — his sister.

However, destiny has plans of its own and when that plan is executed, we are left helpless. Same happened to Karen and her family when the doctor announced that the newborn was in a critical health and might not survive.

This came as a shock to the family and they could do nothing but pray. The child was under observation and all were hoping against hope. The doctors asked them to prepare for final rites taking away their last hope. However, at that very moment, when all were cursing their ill fate, Michael wished to sing a song to his little sister. She was in the ICU, and although kids are not allowed inside it, Karen took Michael with her. Miraculously as he began to sing a song, the angel responded and her condition became better.

His innocence and song brought tears to the people around. Destiny did have a plan! The baby was discharged from the hospital the very next day, bringing back smiles to the family. It is a beautiful bond which Michael and his sister share and we wish this wonderful relationship remains the same forever.

Source: Jesus Daily


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