Don’t Throw Your Pocket Change In A Jar Just Yet. It’s Probably Worth More Than You Think!


There was a time when most of us had a piggy bank filled with pennies. It was our own savings account without going through the banking procedures. And whenever we were in need of cash we would break it open and fulfill our wishes. Unfortunately, today the world is heading towards a cashless era, as we no longer want to carry cash with us, considering it a fuss. We depend more on plastic money, the likes of credit cards, debit cards etc. However, we came across some amazing facts about pocket change which will definitely make us rethink about carrying them and also scrutinize them.

The Missing Letter

The ‘Kansas Quarter’ which was struck by excess grease during its making was printed erroneously. This resulted in the faded appearance of one of the letters inscribed on the coin, giving the impression ‘In God We Rust’ instead of ‘In God We Trust’. Surprisingly, these coins are worth $100 each. Next time you come across one such coin, look carefully.

The Extra Line

Hold that ‘2004 Wisconsin quarters’ carefully and see if you can find an extra line beneath the left leaf. If you find it, know that you turned lucky as those extra lined leaves are worth $300.

Coins During WW II

A couple of years before the World War II came to an end, steel coins were printed and in today’s world they are worth $10.


During 1948-1963, the half-dollars had the image of the legendary Benjamin Franklin printed on them, which were later replaced with the image of John F. Kennedy. The half-dollars which have Benjamin Franklin’s image are rare and are worth $125.

The Silver Coins

The silver quarters minted between 1932 and 1964, are now worth $65 each. Do not forgo coins as they are worth too much, especially in today’s world.

Via: Tip Hero


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