These Quirky New Handbags Are Made To Look Exactly Like Cats!


English author Terry Pratchett rightly said “In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” The felines seem to have everything going for them, whenever they want, wherever they want. Though they are not social animals (or so many believe) like their canine counterparts, cats are equally possessive of their owners. For all the cat lovers we bring to you the perfect way you can profess your love for those dainty little felines. Read on to be pleasantly surprised.

Now cat-owners have a unique opportunity to show their love for their pets. These adorable ‘Cat Bags’ will up your fashion quotient while letting you carry your stuff in style. Even your fussy cat won’t mind you cuddling the life-like bag (you can thus be spared of any sudden tantrum the puss might decide to throw.)


Pico, a Japan-based artist and ‘cat-loving housewife’ (as she calls herself), designed these adorable handbags using faux fur. Much attention has been paid while crafting the eyes, tail and other physical features, thus lending the pouches a realistic look. The bags can be customized to match the fur coloring of your purry friend.

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The artist’s Twitter page exploded with comments and re-tweets after the photos of the bags went online. The pictures have been reposted more than 10,000 times on the micro-blogging site.

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Owing to the rising demand, Pico held a Yahoo auction for the Cat Bags and unsurprisingly the bags sold like hot cakes, with buyers willing to pay as high as $700 for one of these.

The acrylic painted faux fur bags are adorable to the power infinity and no wonder the internet is going gaga over them. If you loved these (I seriously doubt otherwise) then share it with the cat-aficionados.



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