Raw Footage: CCTV & Dashcams Captures Dramatic Video Of Criminals Getting A Taste Of Instant Karma!

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Do you believe in the karma theory? That whatever you do today will get back to you tomorrow? Well, looks like these guys did not believe in it. But see what happens when they try to do something bad.

This guy in red thinks he can make some quick bucks by mugging an innocent pedestrian. Too bad a police car is just around the corner and the cops nab the guy even before he commits the crime! This would-be criminal thinks he can rob a store when he pulls out a small handgun to threaten the cashier—but look at his expressions when the cashier pulls out a bigger hand gun!

Some people just don’t bother about polluting the streets! What is this guy thinking when he throws out an empty can out of his car? Well, you will see that he gets his due!

When you have a bad day its annoying but when criminals have a bad day it looks like this!


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