When You See What This Hungry Dog Did To A New Born Baby You Will Be Shocked!


Most human beings who claim to love dogs are humbugs; they are more concerned about the pedigree papers or the specifications they require to compete and win shows. There are only a few who treat mongrels roaming on the streets, with the same love they shower on their “international” breeds. Strays are not given any love and care, and when people take their canines out for a walk, the difference of behavior is quite evident. They will shoo the street dogs away so that their pets cannot mingle with those. Some people even disown their much loved pets if they catch an infection or lose a limb in an accident. They are good as long as they are beautiful and healthy; this is the kind of hypocritical love owners display, while the homeless ones do not even count.

Dogs have always been regarded as the most faithful ones to their masters and there are many stories revolving around the loyalty of this creature. While certain breeds are type-casted as harmful or dangerous, ask a true dog lover and you will have your answer. These four-legged companions naturally are very loving, and being aggressive is not what they are born to be. Needless to say, some humans use these pooches for their benefit and train them to be ferocious, thus, making them intolerable and harmful.

It is evident that these poor little beings are treatment with cruelty, but they do not hold any grudge against us. When given a chance they can prove their worth, as it happened in this story. In Oman, a canine was foraging for food when all of a sudden it found a newborn baby in the garbage. A terrifying situation indeed it was; a starving dog and a helpless newborn baby. Of course the mutt had an upper hand in this circumstance and could do as it wished. Before your imagination freaks you out, it is better to disclose what the canine did. Though the infant was at its mercy, the animal held the little one with its mouth, carefully getting away from the trash.

The dog never intended to satiate its hunger, but instead wanted to provide the baby with shelter. Cautiously holding the child so as not to hurt him, it walked to the nearest house and putting the baby down, began to bark.

[h/t Pets Fans]

The trick worked, and people rushed to the scene. They were surprised at what they saw. Soon after, they picked up the baby, and went to the hospital to do the needful. The umbilical cord was still attached to the navel and the care taken by the mongrel, gave the baby a new lease of life. The dog, who people judge to be menacing, appeared as a Messiah, while the biological parents did not bother about their child.

God comes to us in various figures and forms and this kind animal is surely one of the ways the divine being appeared.


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