Have You Been Seeing 11:11 Everywhere? What Is The Significance Of 11:11?

Photo Credit:https://www.pinterest.com/cowgirlpammie/~mom~/

Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.com/cowgirlpammie/~mom~/

Are you familiar with this belief of making a wish when the time is 11:11? If you did hear about this, do you believe in it? How many of you have observed that when the clock strikes 11:11, all the digits are the same? Let’s explore how this idea of making a wish when the clock strikes 11:11 emerged and the significance of this belief.

11:11 – My Perspective

The concept of 11:11 has in a way become the talk of the town. The sci-fi flick ‘I Origins’ also hasn’t spared this famous theory. The movie follows the journey of a tech-savvy man who notices 11:11 everywhere around him. In a bid to solve this puzzle, the man ends up coming across a girl who has a spiritual nature. The movie is worth watching for the way it has dealt with the concept of re-incarnation. Ok, seems like we have drifted a little away from the central topic of discussion -11:11.

Many of us have even got accustomed to this habit of checking our watches to see if the clock has struck 11:11.

While I wake up each time, I feel that I’m surrounded by the numbers 11:11; the feeling was nothing short of hallucination. In my opinion, 11:11 and spirituality go hand in hand. There have been times when I have noticed this time on two occasions during the same day and a few instances when I have experienced this only once a day. Is it a mere co-incidence or do these patterns convey any message about my spiritual well-being?

Legends Surrounding 11:11

Most legends which revolve around this unique number combination are highly positive. Some believe noticing that the time is 11:11 on your clock indicates that something auspicious is heading your way and you must hope that the divine souls of the universe help you realize what it is. Many others also opine that observing this pattern is an indication of something positive happening currently in the life of the individual and he/she should realize it to extract the benefits of this change. The most common belief is that just making a wish on seeing these numbers should help in fulfilling that desire which has been haunting you for long.

Let’s keep the beliefs of the masses aside, this is what I think. If you happen to notice the numbers 1111 together, be it a clock, a wall, a book or just anywhere, then it’s a good reason to put your sorrows behind and smile.

If sources of numerology are anything to go by, the number 11 represents patience, sensitivity, honesty and many other positive adjectives. However, it is also believed that 11:11 is auspicious for spirits and supernatural entities to communicate with living beings. It is best to experience the 11:11 phenomenon with an open mind and without any preconceived notions. Each time I come across this pattern of numbers, I jump in excitement and scream “Oh wow! It’s 11:11”.






Much Love!


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