Single Dad Covers His Daughter’s Eyes. Now Watch What He Leads Her To


Jason Garmon, a single dad from Virginia, would never have imagined it all to end the way it did. Not that he got married again but he did manage to put a big smile on the face of a lady pretty close to his heart. He learnt about this father-daughter dance event happening somewhere and decided to give his little sweetheart the surprise of her life.

The events, apparently, give an opportunity to dad-daughter duos to reinforce their bonds. It has been introduced in detention-centers all over the country in order to give the well-behaved inmates a chance to make their daughters feel a little special.

Little did Jason know that this idea of his was about to become a rage on the Internet.

“You are rocking the single dad thing,” complimented Darrell Hollifield. “You are setting the foundation for your kids’ future. They will always remember these small things you do. Your daughter will measure the future men in her life by the things you do for her. Those future guys have a lot to live up to. From one dad to another, you are doing an awesome job.”

Facebook / Jason Garmon

Jason lives with his two children, son Grayson and daughter Skylar. The moment he came to know of this dad-daughter dance event, he knew what he had to do. His son Grayson was excited about his plan as well and decided to play a part in it. What was about to unfold would leave her daughter blush and cry at the same time.

Facebook / Jason Garmon

“Just because I’m her dad doesn’t mean I’m going to assume she’ll go with me,” wrote Jason, in a lighter vein, on his Facebook page.

He got Skylar to come out in the backyard with the help of his son. The young girl was in for the most beautiful surprise she had ever received.

Facebook / Jason Garmon

“You ask out a lady like it’s the first time every time. Always keep her guessing, always try to win her. I don’t care if it’s your daughter, your girlfriend or your wife, the day you stop trying is the day you’ll lose her.”

Jason put up a board that read: Will you go to the daddy-daughter dance with me?

Facebook / Jason Garmon

“I had always planned on doing something like this for a woman, but I realized the most important female that deserves my attention is already right here beside me. – P.S. She said YES!”, wrote Jason.

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