So Close Yet So Far….Gravity Catches Up With This Fat Guy!

Fun & Humour

Sometimes in life it is not about winning, but about trying. Seriously, if you always feared failure, then how will you get the courage to try something new? It is OK if you try but fail, but it is absolutely not fine if you never try!

When this kid tries to slam dunk a basketball during halftime at a NBA match with full determination, you can’t help but hope that he is able to complete it successfully. Look how he runs towards the trampoline, jumps on it and attempts to dunk the basketball!

Too bad he is not able to dunk! The kid is definitely on the plumper side, and his weight does him in—he falls down flat on the mattress. Poor kid! But at least he had the courage and determination to try. Hopefully he would be able to do it the next time he tries.

All those years watching basketball gave one NBA fan the urge to outdo his heroes. To his credit he succeeded - but only by giving the audience during a half-time show the biggest laugh ever.


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