A Soldier Dropped His Weapons To Run Into This River, Every Christian Will Cry When They See Why.


“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” The story of this soldier who did not lose his faith in Almighty despite being hemmed in a war-torn zone, reiterates with what the eminent poet Rabindranath Tagore said. Instead the hostility and vulnerability of the situation reinforced his belief in God. In a surprising turn of events, he decides to undergo ritual lustration and profess his reverence for the Lord.

The squadron was stationed in Iraq which is a predominantly Islamic country. The soldiers faced grave threat but this gallant man was unfazed with the difficulties. His faith in the almighty gave him the strength to perform his duties. As a display of his unflinching faith, the soldier professed his desire to be baptized at the mythical Euphrates River.

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‘All for one and One for All’ – the unit extended their full support to its soldier’s decision. As if in accordance to God’s will, a dense fog in the region provided the soldiers a blanket of protection from enemies. It was a touching moment when the young soldier prepared for the ritual. Without a care for who might launch an assault anytime, the young man approached the water without any armor or weapons for self-defense. The ritual was administered by the platoon’s chaplain and as a propitiatory offering the soldier was dunked in the water. In a display of ultimate devotion, he accepted Christ as his savior. The glow of satisfaction on the soldier’s face was a moment to be relished.

Photo Credit : http://qpolitical.com/a-soldier-dropped-his-weapons-to-run-into-this-river-every-christian-will-cry-when-they-see-why/

Watch the inspiring story of this brave heart unfurl in the following video.

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