Someone Wrote a Letter Shaming People Who Dump Dogs. It’s Absolutely PERFECT!


Commonly referred to as ‘Man’s best friend’, dogs continue to capture the hearts of millions. They definitely rank the highest on the list of favorite pets in the world. In today’s world people think of pooches as a very important part of their family. I feel the world would be a beautiful place if we humans had hearts like these fur balls. I wish this could be true; but if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Also a lot of commitment is needed to become a pet owner. It’s not an easy task, and huge responsibilities come along when you adopt a cute little puppy. Not everyone is cut out to be a canine owner. I am reminded of a quote I had once read—“Not everyone knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.” People can get really mean and heartless at times. They just put their dogs down or abandon them without giving it a second thought. I sometimes feel that the guilty conscience in us has totally vanished. The pang of remorse just never pricks them before or even after mistreating their fluffy friends. How could we reach this level of detachment. An anonymous personhas written a letter on the same lines shaming people who dump dogs. This is what is said, and I totally agree.

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