Students Who Gave These Smartass Answers On Their Homework Must Be Creative AND Smart

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Some of the most innocent gestures of kids, at times leave us completely in splits. These pictures prove how witty and creative kids can turn out to be. A few teachers were in for big surprises (even shocks) when they began evaluating the answers of their pupils. In a few instances, the kids couldn’t be blamed because the questions asked were also quite silly. However, several answers are extremely hilarious and will even make you wonder if they have really been written by a child. Here are 15 such priceless homework moments which prove that comedy can happen inside the textbooks of young children too.

 1. Hasn’t Clue 3 left you in splits?

imgur – Powpow33

Now you know what kind of animals Justin ‘Beavers’ are.

2. One kid who truly empathizes with the plight of warriors

imgur – WhyWipe

Had I been the teacher, I would have given this kid full marks. LOL!!

3. Only if this young one had the privilege of using a calculator

reddit – magnesiumm

Perhaps, towards the end this child realized that diplomatic answers lead nowhere.

4. An Immigrant Who Is Proud Of One Of The World’s Most Powerful Democracies

reddit – bananabreadisyummy

5. I Suspect Captain Obvious’ Involvement, Maybe He Is The One Who Prepared This Question Paper

reddit – flaggfox

Its high time teachers realize that children are actually innocent.

6. Hats off to the person who thought of the word ‘dancing’ as an option

imgur – skitzabeth

7. Better Not Mess With This Kid

reddit – grneyedgrl01

The last word says exactly why you shouldn’t

8. Not Just Yours Kid, Many Other Families Too Have Tried This Method

reddit – Ltravis

Well, it works, sometimes.

9. Can’t Blame Him For This Answer

Justin Pankratz

10. WOW! That’s Too Smart An Answer. It’s Hard To Believe That A Kid Has Replied This Way

imgur – baconzombie

Is it good enough to become a wall hanging, you decide?

11. Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The ‘Bran’

Photo Credit:

Exactly! Take Note, all you fellas!

12. The Name Of This Mammal Is Not What You Thought All These Years. It Is Called A ‘Wordbank’.

reddit – gynoceros

You will remember this picture even more for its handwriting.

13. Reproduction Illustrated In A Whole New Way


14. What? I Can’t Believe These Are A Child’s Worth

Photo Credit:

Can’t think of a better remark to the child’s answer

15. Really? What Kind Of A Question Is That?

imgur – cracker23


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