She Tells Grandma That She Was Just Cheated On… And Grandma Tells Her To Do THIS


We all try our best to unravel the mystery called ‘life’ day in day out and go through many a different experiences in the due process. Whether the situations get the better of us or the other way round, a learning opportunity always presents itself. Sometimes it’s lost on us but we do manage to cash in on at other times. Some of us are strong enough to weather the storm while others require loved ones to steady their boat and help get some clarity on the problems.

Here’s a story of a woman who, after being cheated on, approached her granny for some help to make up her mind. Grandma didn’t just help her out but showed her something that wiped off her agony in a jiffy. Read the story below and find out how grandma went about giving her a lesson for life.

This is a good eye-opener for all of us no matter which age-group we belong to. Let the story unfold to see my point.

Having been betrayed by her husband, a young woman approached her grandmother seeking help with her life-issues. She narrated the entire sequence of events to her, besides explaining the plight she was faced with. She told her that she was going through situations she didn’t know how to deal with. Life appeared to her like some unending ordeal and that she couldn’t take it any longer.

Grandma took her to the kitchen where she was to make a demonstration. She placed three water-filled pots on high fire. Water started boiling in no time. She placed different item in each pot. The first one had carrots, eggs in the second and the third one had coffee beans in it. She kept mum the whole time until it all started boiling again.

It all took around 20 minutes before things were ready for the actual demonstration. She took out the carrots and eggs in two separate bowls and placed them one after the other.

She then spooned out some coffee and put it in a bowl. Turned towards her granddaughter and asked, ‘Tell me what you see.’

‘Carrots, eggs and coffee,’ she answered. Grandma then asked her to feel the carrots. She felt that they had become quite soft. She was asked by her grandma to break an egg. On shelling it, she noticed the softer egg-white.

At last, grandma asked her to take a sip of the coffee which she did. She smelt the aromatic waft of the hot coffee. She turned to her granny and asked, ‘what does it mean Grandmother?’

Grandma explained, saying that all of these substances were put through the exact same situation. However, they all responded in their own peculiar fashion. Carrot that was hard initially became soft and feeble on being faced with the mercilessly hot water. Egg that had a stiff outer shell in the beginning cracked up and the liquid inside hardened into a thick solid when boiled in the water. However, the coffee beans reacted uniquely and instead of undergoing any change themselves, changed the character of the water and turned it into an extension of their own selves.

“Which are you?” asked the grandmother. “When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?

Just ponder over: which of those am I? Am I the carrot that is hard? But when faced with a difficulty become soft and give way to frailty?

Am I the egg that has an extremely delicate heart which is highly vulnerable to adversity? Had I a free-spirit initially that knew no pain and sorrow but after numerous encounters with challenges along the path, got transformed into a hard-hearted, brittle self? Does my appearance look the same but I am glum and morose inside that has imparted a hardened outlook to my personality?

Or am I like the coffee bean that turns the circumstances into its favor instead of letting the adversities dictate terms to it? Unlike other objects, coffee gets better as the heat increases. It lets out a sweet aroma and morphs into something better that wins hearts. So if you are like these beans, you get better with every challenge that comes your way and find an opportunity in the face of difficulty. Do you come out with a solution of your own when faced with the stiffest of challenges?

How do you deal with difficulties? Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean?

Let us all face our life challenges just like the coffee bean and come out victorious every single time. We just have to look at obstacles from a perspective that lets us see the hidden opportunity that can catapult us to the next level.

Happiness doesn’t lie in costly possessions or the material means that we have; it lies within and can be tapped only when we stop complaining and delve deep inside. The sooner we let go of the unnecessary things occupying our mental space the closer we get to being happy in life.

No one takes birth with their fate written in stone, it all has to be made here and now so that you don’t go back with remorse in your heart. You’ll always cry alone but will find the whole world by your side the moment you decide to smile.

Let’s make our life like a coffee-bean and spread the cheer along the way.

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Source: Newslinq


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