There’s Something Fundamentally Upsetting About These Kids Doing Grown Up Things

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Your four year old has just returned from school and you are excited to know what all he has learnt. How would you react if he spews all sorts of curse words at you? How stunned would you be! But relax; what your son knows may not be as bad as what these little kids know!

Watch what happens when a bunch of young kids are asked to list all the naughty words they know. You will be surprised—and shocked by the results. One boy happily rants off words like shit, crap, butt-head, and what not! Some kids even know the F-word! Can you believe this? From where do kids so young learn all these kinds of words?

While the results of this are definitely distressing, there is still hope for the future of humanity. There are some kids innocent enough to think that “stupid” is a bad word!

Inspired by a very funny YouTube video of a kid listing all of the bad words he knows, we sent a camera out onto Hollywood Blvd and asked a bunch of kids if they knew any naughty words!


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