If You Think This Looks Like A Regular Coffee Table, You’re In For A BIG Surprise. Wow!


We don’t usually consider workshop projects at school to be anything more than a grade-improving exercise. At times, they did turn out to be great learning experiences and brought along a fair share of pains and pleasures as well. No matter what the experience, but we hardly ever did something innovative.

But wait, until you see this kid. He infused his creative juices into this wood-work he undertook and pushed it to a whole new level. And how it all ended would definitely inspire you into doing something of your own. Check out how he went about crafting this masterpiece.

  1. He began with working on the table-top.

  1. Next came, the framework that he added to support other fittings.

  1. Legs were hammered onto the basal side of the flat top.

  1. It was ready for its first coat of lacquer.

  1. Well done! Oh wait, there’s more. Scroll on.

  1. Time now, was to add some electronic magic to it.

  1. A mirror was installed at the bottom of the table.

  1. LED lights too were not far behind. Is it even a table??

  1. Yes it is. To everyone’s surprise, a second two-way mirror was added.

10. It appeared done. Finally! They powered it on and….

11. Bam..!! You just dropped your jaw, pick it back up!

12. This cool centerpiece can even change colors.

13. And some more….

14. The best part is the fact that the mirror makes it look like an endless well.

Source: imgur

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