This Boyfriend’s Cheating Prank Goes Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

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Notoriously famous internet prankster, Roman Atwood, has tried to pull off another of his mischievous pranks. But this time it is something special, it is his own girlfriend that he decided to prank and that too on the special occasion of their 5 year anniversary. The video is shot in Atwood’s bedroom where his girlfriend, Britney, is lying on the bed, fiddling with her phone. He makes a really guilty face and asks her to brace herself for the worst thing she has ever heard in her life. He tells her that he cheated on her with another girl that he met in LA and it was just a one night stand. His girlfriend starts crying hysterically and he repeatedly apologizes for the biggest mistake of his life. While Britney is still crying, holding her head in between her hands, she makes a confession that she too cheated on him. Now this changes the whole game and Atwood starts throwing a fit about it; getting very angry and asking her with whom she cheated on him. She does not answer and keeps crying while he goes around punching and crushing things. Just when emotions are at their peak, Britney jumps up on the bed and tells him that she was pulling a prank on him as she saw him setting the camera. Of course, this brings a big relief to Atwood’s aching heart! The video ends with a cute moment when Britney whines about the fact that she was expecting a proposal but did not get one!

Infamous prankster Roman Atwood received a taste of his own medicine as an anniversary prank he tried to pull on his girlfriend took a surprising turn.

Roman decided to tell his partner of five years that he cheated on her, and really tried to sell this, saying how he felt so bad he can't sleep He likely predicted her to break down in tears at this shocking (and false) revelation, but Atwood clearly was not expecting what she said after that .


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