This Girl Puts Everyone In Trance With Her COOL, ELEGANT & SPONTANEOUS Steps. See If You’re IMMUNE?

Dance Talent

Do you love dancing all by yourself, in the privacy of your bedroom? How cathartic it is to dance like nobody is watching! The freedom, the liberation, the joy of letting go of all your inhibitions as you happily groove to your favorite music!

Dancing is all about having fun and enjoying yourself as this girl in a pink tutu proves! Watch as she happily jumps and taps her feet to different tracks from Parov Stelar’s awesome repertoire of songs! The rhythm, the beats and the way she grooves is so much fun to see!

One step here, one step there. A little jump here, a little hop there. Snap your fingers and bob your head, just keep on movin’ to the music! That’s all it takes to dance! Feel the exhilaration of dancing with this girl and you too grab your dancing shoes and join in the fun!

This blows my mind. How is it that the feet can be moving in a forward direction yet she move backwards. Watching her feet, and legs is mind boggling!


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