This High School Janitor Got Called In To Clean Up A Mess. But He Had No Clue What Awaited Him!

Inspirational Surprise

This is a beautiful video that will make your day—it embodies such wonderful gestures and doings that it will revive your faith in humanity and goodness of life. Watch this news piece about a high school in Kentucky, it will totally surprise you.

Students at Anderson County High School in Lexington, Kentucky gifted their favorite janitor Ricky Spaulding something that he will never forget for the rest of his life. The gesture is so beautiful and thoughtful that Ricky did not even know how to express his gratitude.

Watch this news piece by CNN to know more about the love of high school students for their janitor. It is for sure that Ricky and his family will enjoy this gift very much and these students will reap the goodness of their good karma in life. We hope that people will learn from this video how to be kind unconditionally.

When this janitor was called on stage he had no idea that the trash he was to clean was not what he expected!


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