This Is The Last Thing You Want When You Rent A Ferrari! OMG, What Is He Going To Do?

Accidents Automobiles

Have you always dreamed of driving an expensive luxury car but do not have the means to purchase such a pricey vehicle? Then the Exotics Car Tours Company located in Toronto, Canada is the place for you!

Here not only can you rent an exotic car of your choice for a fraction of its selling price, but you also get to experience the feeling of driving your dream car through picturesque roads! These guys driving an Audi R8 are so happy to be in their dream car at last! They decide to record their drive through the long winding road with tall green trees on either side.

The driver in front of them definitely got lucky—he is driving a Ferrari F430! Little do they know that the Ferrari driver’s dream come true is going to turn into a nightmare within seconds! How? Watch on to know.

If you own a brand new car, better watch this before you test your mean machine’s powers.


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