This Is What Happens When You Combine Ice Cross Racers And A Frozen Skate Park?

Fun & Humour Sports

Trust Red Bull to come up with innovative ideas that are as extreme as they are entertaining! When an inline staking park lies bare and unused in the winters, Red Bull has an idea—why not use this frozen skate park as a rink for ice cross racers?

Any daredevil ice skater is welcome to demonstrate their skating skills on this rink for the Red Bull Freeze 2014 event! And what an event it is! Look how the skaters gracefully skate over the frozen rink and perform stunts! What fun it is to watch ice skaters gliding all over the park performing spins and flips midair before landing on the frozen surface!

Urban winter sports can’t get any better as talented skaters from all over the nation participate in this exciting event! How talented they all are! One guy even performs a handstand! How awesome it is to watch them!

Riders put their skates to the test on an aggressive inline ice skate park.


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