This Is Why It’s A Bad Idea To Fall Asleep In A Room Full Of Mischievous Firemen! It’ll Crack You Up

Fun & Humour Pranks

This group of firemen has nothing to do at present. Oh, how boring is it to sit idly without any action in sight! Why not just catch up on sleep? No one is going to be hurt if these guys simply get lost in slumber land—or so they think!

Hey, why should these two guys be allowed the privilege of a nice nap while the others are just sitting here getting bored? It’s time to have some fun at the cost of the sleeping guys! See what happens when one of the firemen decides to loudly tap his feet on the ground as if running somewhere hurriedly.

The resting men may be sleepy but still they are firemen and they get up with a jolt. One instinctively makes his way towards the door and bumps into it—poor guy is so disoriented that he didn’t even notice that the door is closed! Hilarious!

If you fall asleep when these guys are around, you are in for one hell of a wake up call!


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