This Isn’t A Pretty Sight! What Started Off As Funny, Soon Turned Into Something Feakin’ Ridiculous!

Fun & Humour Parodies

A simple question, what if women’s roles in ads were played by men, may sound funny to you. But the initial moments of hilarity would soon pave way to absolute ridiculousness and insensibility. If you don’t believe us, then watch this.

The video is actually a take on role reversal. While men take up the stand of being hot and sexy, women slip into the shoes of being rugged and messy. The clip starts off on a funny note but soon turns awkward, slowly getting to the point of being freakily ridiculous. While women doing the same look absolutely normal and standard, it is when men try to fill in the sexy quotient that it starts getting gawky and embarrassing.

Watch this video and find out how seeing men filling up for women look downright bizarre and outrageous.

So, you thought men cannot be all sexy and hot and women cannot be rugged and messy...? Watch this to dispel your myth!


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