This Man Kept A Secret From The Times Of NAZI GERMANY & See What Happened When It Was Revealed!

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Dubbed as the “British Schindler”, Englishman Sir Nicholas George Winton was a young stockbroker in 1939 when he helped to rescue 669 Czech children from certain death from Nazi camps.

Working in secret, not even fearing for his own life, the daring man painstakingly arranged to deliver hundreds of children from the hands of death into loving homes. His closely guarded secret was revealed decades later when his wife came across his old diaries in which he had written about the rescue.

Vera Gissing, one of the children he rescued grew up to write the biography of this great man and script the film, ‘Power of Humanity’. Today at the film’s premiere, Sir Nicholas is the guest of honor, personally invited by Czech president Vaclav Havel. He is overjoyed to meet Vera Gissing. But a bigger surprise awaits him, something that will touch your heart and maybe make you cry a bit too. A befitting tribute to an awesome human being.

Over 50 years after saving 669 kids from Nazi death camps, Sir Nicholas Winton gets a tearful surprise on TV.


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