She Thought This Was An Ordinary Rose At First, But Then She Took A Closer Look!


Ever heard of the Beauty and the Beast? Sure you have! We all know how opposites attract. Those who are scientifically inclined will equate this with the opposite poles of the magnet, or how the negative electrons and the positive protons move at the speed of light towards each other. Fortunately, for those like me who do not really understand science, nature comes up with wonderful examples. We see a perfect example of how the Beauty and the Beast blend into one, leaving us in awe of the wonders of nature. Indeed, nature has many extraordinary ways of communicating, and this is probably its most special way of saying “No matter who you are, no matter how unattractive…. you are loved!”

The pics below say it all. Behold the compassion and beauty of nature, which some would probably call the miracle of God.

1. A Lizard cocooned within the soft, fragrant petals of a red rose.

Imgur / Cmycherrytree

2. The way I am cared for, I think I am A Prince’.

Imgur / Cmycherrytree

3. Sleeping in the security and comfort of Love.

Imgur / Cmycherrytree

(source Reddit)

Now that’s a new version of beauty and the beast, I loved this version too. What do you’ll think?


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