This Tiny House Seems Weird From Outside, But Wait Till You See What’s Inside! Mind-Blowing!


There is nothing dearer in the world as ‘home sweet home’. As the saying goes, ‘East or West, home is the best’. It is the symbol of human togetherness – a place where all of us learn the first lessons of life. For most people the very thought of home brings fond memories and nostalgia. In a time of stalled growth, limited finance and rising inflation, it is perhaps not surprising that the number of new houses being built has dropped to the lowest level for a century. Those that built are being constructed in the minimum area possible, to cut down on the cost. Architects have been slotting small numbers of buildings into spaces, they don’t really fit into. There is a growing trend for micro-homes and the ‘tiny house movement’ has taken the world by a storm. The houses which come in all shapes and sizes make the optimum use of available space. It might be the answer to housing needs of the ever growing population, especially in the developing nations. The following images of a micro-home from Japan will leave you zapped.

 Narrow homes have become increasingly popular in Japan. This one definitely catches my attention. 

House 1

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    ‘Appearances can be deceptive’. These houses are comfortable to live in.

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      Inside is a home, wide enough to accommodate just anything you can think of.

House 3

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    These homes cost quiet a fortune, about US $200,000.

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    A lot of cyber citizens still do not believe this could be true.

House 5

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