This Town Was Built In The Strangest Place On Earth. I Can’t Believe People Actually Live Here!


It feels pretty baffling to know people residing in places that seem impossibly uninhabitable, as is the case with this particular Spanish town of, Setenil de las Bodegas. This town is literally situated under a ginormous mountain-like rock which has become quite normal for the people of the town now.

  1. The town boasts of a population of around 3000 thousand people.

  1. You heard it! it’s directly underneath the rock.

  1. Its proximity to the river, Rio Trejo, is what makes the weather cool and water is easily available.

  1. Human inhabitation dates back to several thousand years.

  1. Of course the place is a hit among tourists and geo-scientists alike.

  1. You would agree, one natural calamity, and the place is going to be nothing short of a pile of debris.

  1. Take a good look. Scroll down.

  1. Parking is quite unthinkable here.

  1. This place is one of its kinds that scares and enthralls one, simultaneously.

Source: Flickr

We can somehow deal with Damocles’ sword but how does one deal with a mountain hanging literally over his head? Well, you try and find out the answer to this TOUGH question but don’t forget to share it with your buddies. Let us know your opinion below.



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