When I Saw Who This Mother Hugged, I Was Shocked. This Act of Forgiveness Took My Breath Away!

Inspirational People

This will go into history because it is something that does not happen every day, it is a gesture that many people will find hard to even understand forget about doing it themselves. This is a moment where forgiveness took over anguish, suffering and hatred and rightly so!

Jordyn Howe was found guilty of killing his friend Lourdes ‘Jina’ Guzman-DeJesus, 13, after he accidently shot her with his father’s gun that he brought along with him on the school bus. When he entered court for the hearing the first thing victim’s mother did was to hug him real hard and cry along with him.

That is exactly what happened; she forgave him for his wrong doing saying that she wants to find peace with it since she knows that her daughter is in peace now. How many of us can find inner strength to do something like this? Watch this incredible act of courage.

What this mother does in court to her daughter’s killer is shocking!


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