When People Gave Their Phones To The Magician They Had No Idea What This ‘Magician’ Had In Mind

Fun & Humour Magic Pranks

Let us be honest, are we not all addicted to the prank videos on the internet?! Well, the truth is that these prank videos are awesome entertainers and that we all get honked on to them. This video right here is yet another prank video, it will make you laugh really hard.

This particular prank has been pulled off by the famous pranksters on YouTube called Break. The idea is to take people’s precious phones to show them magic but the actual truth is that the guy claiming to be a street magician is not actually a magician.

We will not tell you all of it and spoil the fun of this really hilarious video. Watch the whole thing and trust us, you will not be disappointed. So the next time you are in the middle of the road and a man says that he is an illusionist and asks for your phone, do not give it to him!

Someone please tell them that's not HOW MAGIC WORKS!!!!


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