Why Women Should Not Use Guns!?!?!?

Fun & Humour

We want to beware everyone in advance that this is a very sexist video compilation and many people will not take it in their stride and in fact see all of this as a little distasteful! And we do not blame people for feeling like that!

This is a compilation of women who are trying to shoot, probably for the first time, and failed at it! Now the sexist thing is that the video promotes the fact that women do not know how to shoot and since shooting is primarily thought of as a masculine activity then the hidden message of the video is that women cannot do stuff that men find really easy to do!

Now if we think of it do we really need another sexist video floating about on the internet? We would still advice you to go ahead and watch it to see what is terribly wrong with this video!

So some women were asked to try firing various guns. This is a compilation of what followed!


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