Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband… Years Later He Woke Up and Said Just 2 Words


All those who have loved, will know how it feels to dwell in that inexplicable feeling. And when that love becomes complete with marriage vows, it takes you to another world, one you had woven time and again in your fantasy. It was indeed a dream-come-true situation for both Danielle and Matt Davis, when their love transformed into the nuptial bond. Destiny brought them together, but, their fate did not allow them to live those lovely moments for long. In July 2011, only months after the wedding, Matt met with an accident, which almost claimed his life.

The unfortunate incident occurred when Matt was riding his bike and bumped into a wrongly parked vehicle on an interstate in Georgia. He flung off from his motorcycle resulting in innumerable fractured bones and mutilated organs, putting him on a life support system. He could neither move nor speak, and remained in the hospital, while his wife never stopped praying.

Medical science failed to improve his condition, and doctors asked Danielle to be strong and take a step. She had to make a big decision and that too all alone. It even meant removing Matt from the ventilator and taking away his shot at a new life. However, Danielle preferred to hold on to the flicker of hope and said she wanted Matt to be kept on the support system.

She never let go of her optimism and all she could do was pray, day in and day out. One day her prayers were answered and Matt responded. The moment she had been awaiting for years, was right in front of her eyes. He gained consciousness and uttered two words which filled her with life and got her hopes high. He said,

“I’m trying.”

Photo Credit:http://diariodonordeste.verdesmares.com.br/cadernos/internacional/online/mulher-se-recusa-a-desligar-aparelhos-e-marido-acorda-do-coma-3-meses-depois-1.1262414

Photo Credit: http://diariodonordeste.verdesmares.com.br/cadernos/internacional/online/mulher-se-recusa-a-desligar-aparelhos-e-marido-acorda-do-coma-3-meses-depois-1.1262414

The video will tell you that he is living up to his word and trying really hard.


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