You Must Have Heard Many Great Talents, But This Little Girl’s Voice Will Gift You Priceless Moments

Kids Singing Talent

When eight year old Angelina Jordon takes the stage the semi-finals of ‘Norske Talenter’ (Norway’s Got Talent) on April 12, 2014, expectations run high. After all, the talented little girl had given an awesome performance in the previous round prompting the judges and the audience to give her a standing ovation. What would she sing today?

Dressed in a white gown and a crown of flowers, the girl looks so angelic, but the song she chooses to sing today, ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot me Down)’ is in stark contrast to her appearance. Her voice is so soulful; it almost hurts to hear her sing.

How can someone so young inject so much emotion into a song about heartbreak? The sad song seems to seep deep into your heart moving you to tears. What a beautiful voice this young child has been blessed with! She is surely a star in the making!

Every once in a while a talent comes along that just sends shivers up your spine and this is one of those moments. What an unbelievable talent!!!?


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