You Would Be Shocked To Know What McDonald’s Did!?

Food & Beverages Issues

Are you work sick? Is your organization ripping you off your deserved salary? Know that you are not alone in the league. Did you know that even the giant fast food chain like McDonalds is getting into cheap tricks of cheating their employees off the wages?

Shocking yet true that McDonald’s workers have sued the company for wage theft. People at the upper levels edit timesheets of the workers, not pay them for overtime and make illegal deductions to rip them off what they deserve. And just when this fact sinks in, yet another depressing one takes over as you realize more than 89% of fast food workers are not paid for all the work that they do. Disheartening isn’t it?

Next time when you hit a fast food joint, talk to the workers respectfully as this is the least you can do to make them feel elated and happy about serving you!

McDonald's employees from California, Michigan and New York have filed law suits against the fast food giant for having cheated them out of money they worked hard for. It would seem like the worst thing a company could do to its employees but McDonald's is getting rich by stealing from its employees.


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